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Parliament’s mid-term election: 10 out of 14 Vice-Presidents chosen in round one


Following the election of the President, MEPs chose 10 MEPs by an absolute majority to fill the posts of Vice-Presidents in the first ballot on Wednesday. Candidates need to win the absolute majority of valid votes cast in the first or second ballots to be elected. In the third round, the best scoring candidates will take up the remaining seats. The second ballot starts at 13.30.

The following MEPs have been elected Vice-Presidents

 Mairead McGUINNESS 466
Bogusław LIBERADZKI 378
David-Maria SASSOLI 377
Rainer WIELAND 336
Sylvie GUILLAUME 335
Ryszard CZARNECKI 328
Evelyne GEBHARDT 315
Pavel TELIČKA 313
Ildikó GÁLL-PELCZ 310

Voting: 680

Blank or void: 62

Valid votes cast: 618

Absolute majority: 310

Full list of candidates nominated by their respective political groups


Ildikó Gall-Pelcz (HU)

Mairead McGuinness (IE)

Ramón Luis Valcarcel (ES)

Rainer Wieland (DE)


Evelyne Gebhardt (DE)

Sylvie Guillaume (FR)

Bogusław Liberadzki  (PL)

Ioan Mircea Pasçu (RO)

David Sassoli (IT)


Ryszard Czarnecki (PL)


Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (DE)

Pavel Telička (CZ)


Dimitrios Papadimoulis (EL)


Ulrike Lunacek (AT)

Candidate nominated by at least 38 MEPs

Indrek Tarand (ET)

The ballot is secret and may last up to three rounds. Candidates may withdraw and new ones may enter the contest before the second ballot. The outcome of the second round is expected to be announced at around 14.30.

The order of precedence of Vice-Presidents reflects the scores achieved by the 14 best scoring candidates. MEPs will have as many votes to cast as there are places to be filled. To cast a valid vote in the first round, MEPs have to vote for at least 8 candidates, i.e. half plus one.

Parliament’s five Quaestors will be elected on Wednesday afternoon.

More information: www.europarl.europa.eu


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