Lubelskie is the easternmost province in Poland.

The Lubelskie Province is a region situated between the Vistula and the Bug River. Lublin is the capital city of the Lubelskie Province and one of the oldest cities in Poland- The Lublin Castle is one of the city’s symbols. It is also the largest academic centre in Eastern Poland. It is home to 9 higher-education institutions, including 5 state universities and 4 private schools.

Lublin is a city of inspiration. It is venue of renowned international art events, theatre and music festivals. Some of numerous interesting towns and cities of the region which are worth visiting include, i.a.: Chełm (a town in the Lubelszczyzna region dating back to early medieval times), Zamość (a masterpiece of Renaissance, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site), Biała Podlaska, Kazimierz Dolny (situated upon the Vistula river, one of the oldest towns of the region, a place popular with painters seeking locations for open-air workshops).

Lubelskie is a region of rich history, as it is where various cultures crossed, and their remnants are present in a well-preserved architecture, including Catholic, Orthodox and Uniate churches, or Tartar and Jewish cemeteries.

The Lubelskie Province has a lot of versatile tourist attractions to offer, and it is worth getting to know them and plan a longer visit to our region. It is impossible to mention all of them, but here are some of the most interesting ones:

  • canoeing on the Bug, one of only few natural undeveloped rivers in Europe.
  • There are also two underground routes in the Lubelskie Province. Lublin has an around 300-metre Lublin Underground Route, through the cellars of tenement houses in the Old Town. The second route leads through the unique Chalk Tunnels in Chełm.
  • Roztoczański National Park, covering some of the most valuable areas of Roztocze. It is the most forested national park in Poland – The forests cover over 95 percent of its area. It is also worth visiting the Poleski National Park and the Tanew River Nature Reserve.

Lubelskie Province is one of the largest and most important agricultural regions in Poland, a vast reserve of organic food. It is also a well-known herb-growing and bee-keeping region. Numerous business support organisations are operating in the Lublin region. They include, for example, clusters, chambers of commerce, local development agencies, local action groups, and guilds. Industrial and technology parks, established to support innovation in economy and technology transfer, are a vital part of the business ecosystem.

  • Spółdzielnia Pszczelarska APIS w Lublinie – bee-keeping cooperative, a leading manufacturer of mead and honey,
  • Perła – Browary Lubelskie S.A., a brewery,
  • Lubelski Węgiel „Bogdanka” S.A.
  • Herbapol-Lublin”.

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